CUBI is a User Experience Design Firm.

We design products that's naturally delightful and technologically usable.

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What’s in the name CUBI?

CUBees (as we call ourselves) bring targeted UX expertise to you. Our team’s value proposition: We become you the time we take on your project.

CUBI is a landmark location where the company was founded -- CUBI Point in the Philippines. The Cubi Point is one of the largest earthmoving projects in the world, equivalent to the construction of the Panama Canal. Naming our Company from this landmark is our tribute to the “Can Do – Done” spirit of the people of Subic.

C.U.B.I. stands for Can U Build It? -- a question we always ask clients when building their product user experience.

Are you ready to answer the question?
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No in-house UX Team? No Problem.

We know that you are best at what you do which is building solutions. Having no in-house User Experience Team is not an excuse for building subpar user experiences. Let CUBI serve as your UX arm and let’s start building something awesome!

Our Expertise:

User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Product Design, User Research, Visual Design, Prototyping, Icon Design, Graphic Design, UX Training Consultancy.

Effectively Reach your Customers

Engage your customers by leveraging mobile devices. Get your business accessible anytime, anywhere on ANY device.

Check if your website is ready for mobile

Increasing your capacity at the best cost.

CUBI is a nimble, creative, collaborative company. We are happy to discuss opportunities to work together. Please contact us online, write to:

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What problem do you want to solve?

The user comes first.
Product User Experience

Beautiful, Usable and Accessible UX. Our delivery process includes:

  • Profiles
  • Personas
  • User Scenarios
  • Prototype
  • Visual Design
  • Development Support
  • User Testing
Interactive Prototype

From paper to an interactive prototype. Test it and get feedback before you code it.

  • High/low fidelity prototype
  • Multi-device Prototype
  • Specifications Document

Arm your UX team with the right knowledge and tools in the industry.

  • Axure Training
  • User Experience Design

Skills available for All.

Employees work harder if they feel their company is investing in them.

CUBI believes that the right training helps your business run better. Talk to us about training in your company or university.

Your UX team within reach.

Let's talk.
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Drop us a line and we can schedule a training for your company, school and UX community.

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